9 People arrested in Odisha as Suspects of 6 murders for Suspected Sorcery


The police have arrested nine people for killing six members of a family for suspected sorcery. The incident took place in the tribal district of Keonjhar in Odisha.

General B.K. Sharma, Additional Director of Crime Branch reported that nine people who had committed the brutal act on the night of July 12, in a village called Lahanda village, have been nabbed along with the weapons with which the crime has been carried out.

The heinous act had been committed when these people were under the belief that six persons of a family in Lahanda were engaged in the act of sorcery and they decided to kill them. The deceased included the four children of a family along with their parents. All six of them died on the spot while two others were hospitalized with critical injuries.

The National Crime Records Bureau has stated that the country witnessed such 160 cases in 2013, which were linked with sorcery and witch hunts.