Abakash Besha


Like the Bada Singhar Besha, the Abakash Besha is also a daily ritual which is carried out every morning right after the Mangala Arati. In this Besham the deities are dressed in a Tadapa or towel made of white and orange cloth, along with an uttariya or salwar. After wearing these clothes, the deities are made to clean their teeth and tongue, followed by the ritualistic bathing, also known as the Abhisek, which is done with a mixture of milk, ghee, curd, honey and sugar, known as Panchamruta. The color of the clothes worn in Abakash Besha vary according to the days of the week, with red on Sunday, white and black on Monday, five colors cloth with red, yellow, green, black and white on Tuesday, green on Wednesday, yellow on Thursday, white on Friday and black on Saturday.