Best Hot Springs in Odisha


Hot springs are a result of amazing natural phenomena, with hot water gushing out of the earth. Many a times, these springs have special medicinal qualities as they are enriched with minerals like sulfur. People bather here as well as carry the water home to get rid of many skin problems. Odisha is a state blessed with several hot springs, many of which have religious significance too. These hot springs are located in beautiful surroundings and form popular picnic spots.

Here is the list of best hot springs in Odisha:

  1. Atri Hot Spring

Atri Hot Spring is a sulfur spring which lies in a small village in Khurda district, 42 km away from the capital city of Bhubaneswar. The spring which lies in the middle of a paddy field is known to have curative properties. The water, which remains at a temperature of 55 degree Celsius, is directed in a man made lake. The area is very popular among tourists, with the Shrine of Lord Hatakeswar located in close vicinity.

  1. Deulajhari Hot Spring

Another famous hot spring in Odisha is Deulajhari Hot Spring, which is located in the dense forests of Angul district. The sulfur enriched springs are of religious importance because they originate beneath a Shivalinga. The water of the hot springs is stored in small manmade ponds, 36 in number, which lie in the premises of a Shiva temple located close by. It is believed that the number of springs was 84 at one time, but today there are just 24 hot springs here, all of which boast of medicinal qualities. The temperatures of the springs vary between 40 degree and 62 degree Celsius.

  1. Tarabolo Hot Spring

The next name in the list of best springs in Odisha is that of Tarabolo Hot Spring, a part of Nayagarh district, 75 km from Bhunaneswar. Spread over an expanse of 8 acres, the water from these hot springs are known for treating different types of skin diseases. They are also of frequented by religious visitors, as they are the venue of the famous Maghashtami fair of Goddess Kaltheshwari Temple, which takes place here every year. Additionally, these hot springs make an excellent picnic spot because of their picturesque natural beauty.

  1. Taptapani Hot Spring

Taptapani Hot Spring is another well known hot spring in the state, which is situated at a distance of 56 km from Behrampuur. The spring gets its name from a combination of Tapta, which means hot and pani, which means water. The water of this sulfur spring is boiling hot, with the temperature ranging between 90 degree and 100 degree Celsius. It is also reserved in a lake located nearby and people bathe in the water to get rid of a variety of skin diseases. An ancient temple is also located near Taptapani Hot Spring. It is located at a beautiful spot atop a green hill, which makes it a great attraction for tourists as well as religious visitors.

The natural beauty as well as curative properties of these fascinating hot springs is what makes them frequented by locals as well as tourists.