Chappan Bhog (Mahaprasad) of Lord Jagannath


Every Odia or Lord Jagannath lover must have heard about the popular word “Chappan Bhog” or Mahaprasad in which 56 items prepared and these are offered to Our Bada Thakura or Jagannath. Most of the people don’t know the names of those 56 items and how it’s prepared. So we are sharing those in details.

How it is prepared and details about the Process:

If you are looking for the most popular dinner in Puri, then it is the Mahaprasad or Holy Food. In Hinduism, it has utter importance as well. It is made in Rosaghar, also believed as the largest kitchen in the world that has 752 sigdis or stoves. 400 Supakaras (Cook) generally take the responsibility of preparing the Mahabhog in the heavy Kadhais (Vessels) with the fire wood. A devotee can get the offerings from the Ananda Bazar everyday at a marginalized rate after 2 PM. There are few rules of eating the offerings like you should eat it while sitting at the floor from a leaf (Plantain). You must not waste any part of the holy food as well. The food is entirely Satvik or without any garlic, onion, potato, tomato, cabbage, lady finger, chilly or any other species available in the market.

Chappan Bhog or 56 offerings are offered to the Lord daily. The fire for cooking the food is taken from the Homa sacrificial fire and prepared only in the earthen pots. The purity and the sacredness of the Mahaprasadam of Lord Jagannath can be estimated from the fact that it can be eaten from a pot even if somebody has already eaten it. A person of Hinduism belief can understand the significance of it. The Mahaprasadam is available for sale as well inside the temple complex. The best part of the Mahaprasadam is that even if you do not consume it for long time, it will stay as it is. Also, you can get the Mahaprasadam hot for quite a long time as the preservation is done in the earthen pots.

So the following 56 items (“Chappan Bhog) offered to Lord Jagannath.