Modi Praises “People Power” on Mann ki Baat

Mann ki Baat radio

Mann ki Baat radioNew Delhi: Narendra Modi, the Prime Minister of India, has been all praises for the “people power” during his Mann ki Baat radio address to the country. He has appreciated the response of the public in relation to the appeals to them to give up their LPG subsidy and also for promotion of khadi in the country. The PM has already completed 12 editions of this monthly address, which comes as a medium to reach the democracy as well as explore its power.

According to Modi, “Mann ki Baat has taught me a great deal about the strength of the common people and how it can bring big changes in the society as a whole.” He also said that the program had brought him response in lakhs to the simple suggestions made by him. People are either writing on his website or to the All India Radio, in order to suggest ways to improve the governance in the country. He further stated that the letters, which have been flowing in lakhs, have brought his attention to the large numbers of problems being faced by people at the grassroots level.

Reiterating the significance of “people power” in the country, Modi has mentioned that the “selfie with daughter” campaign in the country had already brought in lakhs of responses, making it like a silent revolution in the country, something which it has never seen before. He had also appealed the people to send across snapshots of fascinating places across the country, which too has come up with a massive response. Lakhs of amazing pictures have flowed in from all parts of the country and he stated that even the tourism department of the country does not have such a large number of pictures and the government has not had to spend any money for getting them.

In the first edition of Mann ki Baat, telecast in October last year, Modi has told people to buy khadi and the sales have multiplied to double in the past year. And this excellent response is the result of public awareness rather than the intervention of the government. In the same ways, as mant as 30 lakh families have given up their LPG subsidy as a result of the suggestion given on this program. Most surprisingly, many of them hail from the lower middle class of the society, which again marks a revolution in the country.

According to Modi, big changes can be witnessed in the society if the government plays the role of a catalyst in bringing about the change. He has also received a large number of telephone calls from people from all parts of the country, starting from Siachen in the North to Kanyakumari in the South, and from Kutch in the West to Kamrup in the East. Some of the telephone calls have been taken up by him personally and the government is already working on some suggestions received in these phone calls. All the calls have been positive for the government.