New Twist in the Sheena Bora Murder Case, Indrani Mukerjea said – Peter Mukerjea had abducted and then …


Mumbai: Indrani Mukerjea , accused in the murder of her daughter in Mumbai, filed a petition in the CBI court on Wednesday alleging her husband, Peter Mukherjee, that she kidnapped her daughter in 2012 and then she disappeared.

Indrani Mukerjea said in the petition that Sheena had lost her life due to greed, betrayal, envy, lust and those whom she loved and trusted.

Indrani wanted that the phone company should be ordered to release the call records of Peter Mukerjea’s from year 2012 to 2015 so that the facts could be ascertained.

Let us tell you that in August, a former driver of Indrani Mukerjea had identified two accused in the Sheena Bora murder case as conspirators and murderers. Government witness Shyamvar Rai pointed finer to them in the court room itself.

Indrani and Khanna are accused of killing their daughter Sheena on April 25, 2012 in that car, which was driven by Shyamvar Rai. Peter is accused of being a part of the conspiracy.

Rai told Special Judge JC Jagdale that after one day of the murder, he went to work like ordinary day and took Peter from the airport. Two days later he took Peter and Indrani to the airport. A few days later she called Indrani’s phone in which she told that she would not come to Mumbai and he could search for another job.

Rai said, ‘She asked me to throw that parcel (which was given to me earlier)’. Indrani secretary Kajal gave him three months’ salary. Rai told the court that, “When I saw the parcel, I was scared because there was a domestic pistol and bullets in it. I tried to throw the parcel twice, but could not do it.