Odisha Becomes the third State to Manufacture the Tricolor Flag


Odisha is going to become the third Indian state to manufacture the Indian National Flag, which is also known as the “Tiranga” or the Tricolor. Prior to this, Karnataka and Maharashtra are the only states which do so. The manufacture of the national flag will commence next year by the Odisha Khadi and Gramudyog Board.

The announcement was made by Tejeshwar Parida, the Board Chairman on Sunday at the “Tiranga Festival”, a part of the week-long celebration marking Kranti Divas. It is the first of its kind celebration in the country.

At the festival, nine different types of flags made by the Karnataka Khadi Board are being displayed. Only the Khadi Boards have been authorized by the Union Government to manufacture the national flag. Most of the flags in Odisha are taken from other states, with only a few tailors in the state having the knowledge of the code. Most of the flags are brought from Maharashtra and Karnataka.

Tejeshwar Parida further stated, “The guidelines of stitching the national flag are very strict, which leave only a few tailors with the ability to do the job. Since Odisha boasts of rich heritage in weaving the Khadi fabric, we are encouraging the national flags to be made within the state.”

Since the board will be sending a few weavers for training to Maharashtra or Karnataka, it will be having discussions with them and all the interested ones will be sent ahead for the training, said Parida.

A ban has already been placed on plastic flags by the state government while the Ministry of Home Affairs has also issued some circulars to generate awareness regarding the correct use of the Tricolor.

The Flag Code says that the Tricolor should be fabricated out of cotton, wool, silk or paper. Anyone who tries to deface, mutilate, burn, destroy or show disrespect towards it in any other form, would be liable to face imprisonment up to three years.

According to Parida, khadi flags can be made in any size and to suit any occasion. The Flag Code defines nine sizes for the national flag, the smallest one being 150X100 mm and the largest one being 6300X4200 mm in size. The small sized flags may be used as table flags while the largest ones are hoisted on special occasions like Independence Day and Republic Day.

“Tiranga Mela” is an exhibition on the national flag, which has been started by Khadi Board and it will run till 15th August. Its aim is to generate awareness related to the use, handling and disposal of the national flag according to the Flag Code.