Odisha Telephone Directory released by Chief Resident Commissioner, Government of Odisha


New Delhi: The third Edition of the Odisha Telephone Directory-2015 was released by Dr. Sunil K. Bhargava, Chief Resident Commissioner, Government of Odisha, in New Delhi today.  A huge and continuous demand from people from the state residing in and around the city of Delhi as well as non-resident Odias settled around the world, is the primary reason behind the publication of the Third Edition.

The Directory furnished the contact details of the dignitaries coming from Odisha as well as all the key officials in the Central and State Government. It also provides important information pertaining to the recent growth and development achieved by the concerned state in various sectors. The global investors who are looking to invest in Odisha are likely to derive great benefit from the Directory as it highlights the favorable climate for business and investment in the State.