People offered their wives to Sarathi Baba for Palankseva


According to the news from sources (Prameya News 7), people offered their wives to the great SarathiBaba, they do it for Palankaseva on fourth night – such a disgusting and shameless act by so called god man.

Self-styled God man Sarathi Baba is now in judicial custody and his double life are being exposed by the agency. In a shocking revelation of truth about him, the god man used to sleep with the newly married women on the fourth night of her wedding.


This revelation came in light when a 23 year old lady from Depur Kansar area has launched an FIR in the police station against Sarathi Baba. Further she stated that her husband worked in to the ashram and he somehow managed to take her to the Ashram on the fourth night of their marriage, as she was not ready to go there and despite of her continuous refusals her husband took her to the Ashram for “Palankseva”.

As per the women, the baba has given her a fruit and she fell unconscious immediately after eating that fruit. The woman further stated that she hasn’t spent a single night with her husband.

Now after this entire incident CBI is breaking Baba’s bank lockers. A notice has been sent to the Baba’s family mentioning that they should be present there to break open the lockers else the agency will do the same.