Popular Arts and Handicrafts of Odisha


Odisha is a land of diverse landforms and culture. Not only do its tourist attractions attract people from all around the country and the world, but also its amazing art forms and handicrafts. Whoever comes to the state is sure to carry some of these wonderful things back home as unforgettable memories.

Here are Some Popular arts and Handicrafts of Odisha:

Patta Chitras:

Patta chitras are the miniature religious paintings, which are used as wall hangings. This art form has its roots in the city of Puri, the home to the famous Jagannath Temple. The paintings are featured on patas, a specially treated piece of cloth, and they are done in a range of vibrant colors.

Sand Art:

Another art form indigenous to Puri is sand art, in which beautiful sculptures of deities are carved using only fine grained sand and water. The art has earned fame all over the world.

Palm Leaf Paintings:

The next on the list of famous art forms and handicrafts of Odisha is palm leaf paintings, which as suggests are beautiful illustrations made on leaves of palm trees and then filled with colors to enhance their beauty.

Jhoti Chita, Muruja:

This is a famous folk art of Odisha, which is depicted in the form of murals make of white rice paste, done on floors of walls of the homes in the harvest month of Margasira. The Jhoti or Chita is drawn by the women of the house to seek the blessings of Goddess Lakshmi, to get her blessings and prosperity for the house.

Horn Work:

Special kinds of handicrafts are fashioned out of horns of cattle. These include articles of daily use such as flower vases, combs and pens stands. They are beautifully designed and depict the creative imagination of the skilled artisans.

Papier Mache:

Papier Mache is another unique handicraft of the state, which makes use of paper, natural fiber and waste cloth, all soaked and beaten and then mixed with gum to create unique objects.

Applique Work:

Another art of the state which has garnered great fame is applique work. It involves cutting of cloth in different shapes and stitching them on another cloth. It is used in dress materials, lamp shades, bed covers and hand bags.

Lacquer Work:

Lacquer work handicrafts include necklaces, bangles and other jewelry pieces, which are loved by women all over the state and women from other parts of the country also carry them home. Toys and bamboo boxes are also available in these handicrafts.

Bell metal and Brass Handicrafts:

Handicrafts fashioned out of bell metal and brass has also found a global fame for Odisha. This is a tribal art form of the state and is exhibited in the form of kitchen utensils, pots, lamps and bangles.

Silver Filigree Work:

Silver filigree work is an exquisite art of Odisha which involves use of thin wires of the metal to create intricate designs showing animals and birds on articles of daily use.

Stone Carving:

The art of carving stones has been a part of ancient culture and architecture of the state as it has been seen in the ancient temples and sculptures here.


Odisha is also famous for its textile art called Ikat, which is featured on the natural fabric like cotton or silk in the form of beautiful gen colored weaving. It also exhibits the intricate art of tie and dye to create unique effect on the cloth.

Some other famous handicrafts of Odisha include cane baskets, toys, masks and puppets. The artisans of the state have kept the ancient arts alive by contributing in the form of beautiful handicrafts.