Raghunath Besha


The Raghunath Besha has Lord Jagannath dress up like Lord Rama, who is another incarnation of Lord Vishnu just like Lord Jagannath. This adornment is carried out on the pious occasion of Ram Navmi or the birthday of Lord Rama, which falls on the ninth day of the bright fortnight of Chaitra month in April-May. While Lord Jagannath is adorned in the form of lord Ramachandra, Lord Balabhadra is dressed as Lord Laxman and Devi Subhadra is decked as the incarnation of Goddess Sita. The main deities are accompanies by Bharat and Satrughan, the brothers of Lord Rama, along with Lord Brahma and Saint Vasistha. Other statues accompanying the deities in the Raghunath Besha include those of Hanuman, Angada, Nala, Nil, Bibhisan and Gabaya. Besides attractive robes, the idols are decorated with ornaments crafted out of gold and precious stones.