Prameya News 7 Channel Exposes Sarathi Baba Scandal


Everyone went into shock when Srimad Sarathi Baba was exposed by the leading channel called Prameya News 7 Channel. The huge scandal was unearthed in an exclusive story by the channel, which proved that baba was no saint, despite claiming his divine abilities. The residents of Kendrapada had lodged a request to their MP Mr Baijayant Panda and his wife Jagi Mangat Panda, that the broadcast related to Sarathi Baba on the Prarthana Channel, a sister concern of OTV.

The self proclaimed baba landed into trouble when Kaliash Chandra Mallick, one of his erstwhile sevaks had a dispute with him. He changed his loyalties and gave a shocking interview to the News 7 Channel, saying that Baba relished non vegetarian food, drank liquor and reveled with young girls. This totally shattered the image of the god-man and exposed him in public.

The Ashram of Sarathi Baba in Kendrapada has been taken over by the police forces for the purpose of offering protection to him from the wrath of the public, following the dreadful scandal. A judiciary probe has been demanded into the Sarathi Baba scandal, with the Puri and Bhubaneswar Bar Associations being the first ones to demand it, followed by the Khurdha Bar Association.

The well known news channel also aired exclusive pictures of Hyderabad’s Hotel Golkonda, where Sarathi Baba had checked in recently with his female consort. The baba allegedly stayed in Room number 607 with the said female, who was noted as his wife in the hotel records. Another shocking thing came into light when his order was disclosed, which included tandoori chicken and liquor of a foreign brand.

The channel promises to give regular updates to its viewers regarding the obnoxious scandal related to this fraud baba.