Sarathi Baba used to view the CCTV Footage from women’s bathroom


In their quest to prove the guilt of the fraud Godman Sarathi Baba, the Odisha Crime Branch has unearthed another fact about him that he was a sick sex addict, who used to watch the CCTV footage from the women’s bathroom in his ashram.

According to the Crime Branch sources, the 32 room lodge of Sarathi Baba’s ashram had a number of CCTV cameras installed at various places, with 13 of them in women’s bathrooms. The cameras were linked to a computer and relayed pictures of nude women to Baba’s bedroom. There were 13 bathrooms for women in the ashram and Baba concentrated on two of them, where the women of his choice went. Some of the sewaks of the conman were aware of his immoral activities, including this one.

He had all these pictures stored in his computer’s hard disk so that they could be watched any time later. But it was found out during the investigation by the Crime Branch that the disk had already been taken out from the computer. The police team is already trying to trace it but it is being suspected that the disk might fall into the hands of Baba’s close aides and they may blackmail the women in the CCTV footage.