Shifting of Gopabandhu’s Bust: Congress Team Reaches the Spot


Puri: the holy town has witnessed yet another political row, this time on account of shifting of the bust of Utkalmani Gopabandhu Das. Though it has been said that the statue has been relocated to solve the issue of traffic congestion in the area, the act has faced resentment of some social organizations as well as the Opposition Congress Party.

The spot has been visited by a fact finding team of Congress, comprising of five members. Chandrasekhar Sahu, the senior member of the party and the leader of the team went to the spot near Jagannath temple from where the bust was shifted using a crane on Saturday.

The ruling BJD government was strongly criticized by the opposition yesterday for shifting the bust of the well known freedom fighter. State Congress president Prasad Harichandan had stated that the people who have sacrificed their lives for the State should be treated with respect.

He said further, “How can the state government behave this way when the people of the state have great respect for the loyal sons of the soil.” He has held Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik responsible for what has happened.

According to Harichandan, “The statue has been installed by Mahatma Gandhi when he launched his campaign for the rights of lower caste people from the city of Puri. The statue symbolizes the legacy of the state and the administration has no right to demolish the memorial.”