Suna Besha


One of the most famous beshas of Lord Jagannath is the Suna Besha, which is adorned at the time when the deities are on their way back to the Jagannath Temple after the annual Ratha Yatra. The besha is adorned when Lord Jagannath, Lord Balabhadra and Devi Subhadra are in their chariots near the Singhawar and this happens on the 11th day of the bright fortnight of the month of Ashadha, in June-July. The deities are decked with beautiful gold ornaments, with Lord Jagannath as well as his elder brother Lord Balabhadra, appearing as if their hands and feet are made of gold. Lord Jagannath is adorned with a gold chakra in his right hand and a silver conch in the left one, while Lord Balabhadra has a gold mace in his right hand and a gold plough in the left one. In addition to the return Ratha Yatra, the Besha is featured in special festive occasions such as Dashahara, Pausa Purnima and Kartika Purnima. The special gold ornaments which are adorned by the deities include the following:

  • Golden hand or Sri Hasta
  • Golden feet or Sri Payar
  • Golden crown or Sri Mukuta
  • Golden peacock feather or Sri Mayur Chandrika
  • Golden forehead ornament or Sri Chulapati
  • Golden earring or Sri Kundal
  • Golden aura around the face or Sri Rahurekha
  • Different types of gold necklaces or Sri Mala, which include Padma Mala, Sevati Mala, Kante Mala, Kadamba mala, Mayur Mala, Agasti Mala abd Champa Mala
  • Golden wheel or Sri Chakra
  • Golden bludgeon or Sri Gada
  • Golden lotus or Sri Padma
  • Silver conch or Sri Sankha