Theft rocks the Secretariat after Knife Incident


Bhubaneswar: The news of a person making his way into the Secretariat building with a knife and threatening a staff member there has not been dampened yet and there is another similar incident which has come up to shock the state again. This time it is a theft which has taken place at the chamber of the minister, which has again brought the State Secretariat into news.

The reports say that the object which has been stolen is a computer UPS from the chamber of Damodar Rout, the Cooperation Minster. A week has already passes since the incident took place but the culprit has not been caught yet.

The theft was traced when it was seen that the locks to the minister’s chamber were broken but the keys could not be found anywhere. When the caretaker was questioned about the whole incident, he denied the allegation of having stolen the keys and further stated that the locks were already out of order.

The Secretariat administration had been informed about the incident by the personal assistant of the minister but unfortunately, no tangible action has been taken till date to counter the event.