Three panels formed on Rosogolla Origin claims


RosogollaBhubaneswar: A total of three panels have been formed by the Odisha government to counter the claims of the state of West Bengal that it is the place of origin of the famous sweet, rosogolla. Pradip Panigrahi, the Science and Technology minister of Odisha told the media persons that all the three committees would submit their reports related to the issue within a period of 15 days. It has already been announced two days before that the Odisha state government would come up with such committees to prepare a report regarding the official claim of the origination of the sweet in the state.

According to the minister, there would be seven members in the first committee, four in the second one and six in the third one. While the first committee would be involved in investigation of facts relating to the origin of the sweet, the second one would be responsible for studying the basis of the claim made by West Bengal. Similarly, the third committee would collate all the proofs and documents which would be required for supporting and validating the claim of Odisha before the authorities.

There has been a fierce rivalry between the two states, with both of them trying hard to obtain the geographical indication for rosogolla. The basic purpose of geographical indication is to identify the origin of a product from a specified location as well as to assure its distinctiveness and quality in relation to the place of origin.