Top 10 Heritage of Odisha


One of the most ancient enriched in culture and driven by heritage, Odisha is one of the most beautiful states of India to travel and visit. There is no lack of side scenes or beautiful scenarios in the state, but still the foremost attraction of the state remains the heritage. From ancient time, the place has been the center of attraction. Many dynasties and empire came and went, but the land of heritage is still standing tall with the timeless heritage and different story to tell. You might think about the heritages of Odisha to visit or travel to.

Here are the top 10 Heritage of Odisha.

  1. Kuruma

This is one of the famous places for Buddhist Antiquity. A famous ancient image that shows Buddha in Bhumisparsa mudra is being worshiped by Yama and Dharma. It also depicts the Heruka mounted on a buffalo. This is one of the most famous heritage and archeological and artistic excellence of Odisha. The place is situated at around 8 Km away from Konark.

  1. Balsore

It has many things that can make you gaze for hours. The beautiful ancient Buddhist Paintings, the ruins of Buddhist temples and monasteries along with the ruins of sculptures are the major heritage assets of the place.

  1. Padmapur

This place is famous for the inscription that glorifies the nearby Jagamanda Hill. It is said that the hill was the house of Dharmakirti, a renowned Buddhist Monk. The hill also had 5 Shiva Temples and perennial water reservoir.

  1. Muchalinda

This is another famous place in Odisha. The place has the ruins of Buddhist Temples and monasteries. The excavation of the place shows the artist work of the then India and Buddha sculptures made of pure gold.

  1. Langudi

If you are fond of Buddhist remains or even the Stupas, then you must pay a visit to this place. This is one of the most archeologically sound areas in Odisha. It has votive stupas along with the ruins and remains of the ancient Buddhist Culture.

  1. Khiching

The famous Yogi mudra of Buddha is found here in Khiching. The sculpture depicts the pulsation and modeling of life even within meditation. This is one of the most famous arts that the world has ever seen.

  1. Pushpagiri

This place hosted a Buddhist place that was next only to Taxila and Nalanda. The beautiful place situated at the Mahanadi basin and nested by three hills see one of the most important and beautiful Buddhist Monastery remains.

  1. Udayagiri

This also has one of the most important Buddhist Monastery in history. The excavation in this area has shown the real beauty of heritage and history with various sculptures and art works.

  1. Lalitgiri

This is also another Buddhist Monastery that has spelled bound impacts on the surroundings. The Monastery is considered to be constructed on the first century AD. The brick made structure is still an archeological excellence and a benchmark.

  1. Dhauli

This is the most significant heritage attraction of Odisha. This is basically a hill that has the edicts that were left by the Emperor of the Emperors Ashoka during his reign approximately during 260 BC.

This magical and heritage excellence can give you lifetime experience to the visitors. If you really wanted to know about ancient Indian culture or Buddhist culture then there is nothing better than Odisha.