Top 10 Interesting and Unknown Facts about Odisha


Odisha is one of the most diverse states of the country, when it comes its natural, historical and cultural attractions. The state has some amazing festivals and traditions, which you might never have heard of. A fair share of population is educated and resides in the modern city, but Odisha has a large tribal population too, which boasts of great cultural and linguistic diversity.

Here is a list of top 10 interesting and Unknown facts about Odisha, which you might have never heard of:

  1. All of us know Odisha as an ancient state because of the old temples and monuments found here. But you would be astonished to learn that some ancient rocks in Mayurbhanj district of the state have been dates back to 3 billion years ago. This is absolutely amazing, considering that the historians believe that the earth is 4.5 billion years old.
  2. Odisha has as many as 62 distinct tribes residing in it, some of them in remote areas of the state. Each of these tribes has a separate set of customs, language and art forms, which makes them different from the others.
  3. Another interesting fact about the state is that it has been first in several respects, being the first state for launching special drives for registering migrant laborers. It is also the first state where Lokayukta Bill was put into action after the act being passed in the Parliament.
  4. Bhubaneswar, the capital of the state, has earned the name of Temple City of India because it is home to as many as 600 grand temples. It is the world’s only city with such a large number of temples.
  5. The Jagannath Temple in Puri is one of the four major pilgrimages of Hinduism, also known as Char Dham. It has the biggest kitchen in the world, where more than 400 people cook food for thousands of people every day. Amazingly, the food quantity cooked here is same throughout the year and it is always sufficient, even if needed to feed lakhs of people.
  6. Odisha is home to Chilika Lake, the largest salt water lagoon in the world. At present the area of the lake is 916 sq km, while it once measured 1165 sq km in area.
  7. Next among the interesting and unknown facts about Odisha is that it has the largest nesting ground for turtles in the entire world. It is also home to the largest Estuarine crocodile, which is 23 feet long.
  8. The Regional Museum of Natural History in Bhubaneswar houses the largest egg in the world, which is said to be the egg of a prehistoric flightless elephant bird that dated back to 1650 AD.
  9. Odisha also boasts of having the longest dam in the world, which is the famous Hirakud Dam in the Sambalpur district. It is also the fourth largest dam in the world. The dam is also the location of the largest man made lake in Asia.
  10. The historic Konark Temple is of great scientific importance too. The shadow cast by the spokes of the wheels of the temple can be used to calculate the time of the day in a very accurate manner.

In addition to these interesting facts, one fun fact about Odisha is that it is the land where the famous sweet called Rasagolla was born!