Trahi Achyuta Ashram Ransacked By The Locals


According to the reports approx. 15 vehicles have been thrown into fire by the agitated locals of Trahi Achyuta Ashram. The Ashram area locals just sneaked into the Ashram and ransacked the Trahi Achyuta Ashram and blown out the vehicles.

Four Platoons of forces have already been deployed to the Ashram in order to bring the situation under control and rehabilitate the Ashram.

As per the reports coming in, more than 500-odd locals broke open the main gate of the Trahi Achyuta Ashram in the evening and ransacked the Ashram. They were agitated over the reports that immoral activities are being carried out inside the Ashram.

Some of the Ashram supporters tried to oppose them but the mob started beating the supporters with wooden legs and Bamboo sticks. As per the Ashram supporters, the agitated locals abused them as well and threatened them to leave the Ashram.

Locals have put up a demand to arrest Surendra Mishra, who is said to be the chief of the Ashram and is under suspicion for grabbing the govt. property allegedly. As the Ashram authorities have acquired more than 500 decimals of govt. land and constructed Ashram over it allegedly.