What are Good things Every Indian must know about Odisha


Odisha is one of the most visited states in the country and it attracts tourists, not only from all over the country but also around the world. Whether you talk about the historical monuments, temples, wildlife sanctuaries, picturesque locales, festivals, culture, tradition or cuisine, the bounty of the state is absolutely matchless. It has something or the other for everyone and makes Indian proud of having such a rich and diverse state as a part of the country.

Here are some good things that every Indian must know about Odisha:


The Historical and Religious Attractions of Odisha:

Odisha is known for being home to a large number of historical attractions, most of them being ancient temples. Two of the most famous temples of the state ate the Jagannath Temple at Puri and the Sun Temple in Konark, which are recognized as the top attractions fort Indian as well as international tourists. Some other famous temples of the state are Rajarani Temple, Lingaraj Temple, Bharateshwar Temple and Gupteshwar Temple.

The Rich Culture of Odisha:

The culture of Odisha is absolutely amazing. The festival of Jagannath Ratha Yatra is attended by thousands of tourists and pilgrims around the world. The folk music and art forms like Krishna Leela, Kela Nacha, Ghoda Nacha, Danda Nacha and Prahalad natak are equally famous.

The Tribal Diversity of Odisha:

Another thing that every Indian must know about this amazing state is about the large number of tribes which reside in the remote areas of the state and have their own distinctive cultures and lifestyles. Some of these tribes are Kondhs, Sauras, Bondas, Gonds, Santals, Koyas and Parajas.

The Amazing Wildlife of Odisha:

Odisha is equally famous for its biodiversity, whether we talk about flora, wildlife, birds or aquatic life. The state is actually a nature lover’s paradise with several sprawling wildlife sanctuaries and forest reserves. The famous ones amongst them include Simlipal National Park, Nandankanan Zoo, Bhitarkanika National Park and Chandaka Elephant Sanctuary. The Chilika Lake is particularly famous for its amazing flora, fauna and aquatic diversity.

The Geographical Diversity of Odisha:

Odisha is a state which boasts of picturesque natural beauty and diverse landforms, with a great part of the state covered by mountain ranges. The highest peaks of the state are Deomali, Sinkaram and Yendrika. There are also some plateaus and valleys in Odisha, which are endowed with fertile soils and flowing rivers. The state is also famous for its lakes, waterfalls and dams. The state is equally famous for its splendid beaches.

The Art Forms of Odisha:

The handicrafts and art forms of Odisha are another attraction of the state. The traditional arts and crafts of Odisha include patta chitra, tussar silk, stone work items, papier mache, wooden items, ikkat printing and sambalpui sarees.

The Dances of Odisha:

Odissi is the most famous dance form of the state, besides being one of the best classical dances of India. The state also abounds in a number of tribal dance forms such as Ghoomar, Mahari dance, Gotipua, Chhau Dance, naga dance, changu dance and dalkhai.

The state has all these attractions and promises much more for tourists with diverse interests. It can truly be called the “Pride of India”.