What are the “Beshas” of Lord Jagannath


Odisha is a state known for its amazing rituals and traditions. One of these which relates to Lord Jagannath of the famous Jagannath Temple in Puri is the Beshas of Lord Jagannath, who is regarded as the king of the world. The pious deity resides in his Sri Mandir, along with the other two deities, Balabhadra and Subhadra. All the three deities of the temple are dressed in different types of costumes and adorned with flowers, gold studded with precious stones, herbs, camphor and sandal paste. The robes are changed daily and there are also different beshas or costumes of Lord Jagannath, which vary throughout the year. Amazingly, there many beshas, which are used to adorn the supreme deity on various occasions at different part of the years. Only two beshas, Nagarjuna Besha and Raghunath Besha are held on rare occasions, while the rest are held all through the year. Basically, all the beshas have Lord Jagannath in the central position, while the other two deities Balabhadra and Subhadra are not so prominent, only in Pralambasurabadha Besha is Lord Balabhadra in the central place.

Here is a list of the Most Important Beshas of Lord Jagannath:

  1. Abakasha Besha

After the mangala aarti and involves the morning brushing and bathing rituals.

  1. Adakiya Besha

It is held on 14th day of Kartika Shukla every year. The deities are made to wear golden crowns.

  1. Bada Shrungar Besha

It is done at 10:30 pm everyday and the deities are adorned with flowers.

  1. Baman Besha

It is held on the birthday of Baman, the incarnation of Lord Bishnu and the besha makes use of 21 types of gold ornaments.

  1. Bankachuda Besha

This besha is adorned on the 12th fortnight of Kartika and relates to Srikrishna.

  1. Dalikia Besha

This besha is held on the 14th day of Kartika Sukla fortnight, with deities adorned with golden crowns.

  1. Thiakia Besha

The deities are dressed like Lord Vishnu and Laskshmi and the occasion is Kartik Shukla Ekadasi.

  1. Dola Purnami Suna Besha

Held on Dola Purnima every year, this besha has the deities adorned with 23 types of gold ornaments.

  1. Radha Damodar Besha

The besha is observed on each day of the month from Aswina Ekadasi to Kartik Dasami. The deities are dressed in velvet costumes and bamboo crowns.

  1. Chandana Laggi Besha

This besha is held every day at 10 pm and a sandal paste is applied to the deities.

Here are the other Important Beshas of Lord Jagannath:

  1. Krishna Balaram Besha

  2. Chacheri Besha

  3. Shradha Besha

  4. Kaliya Dalana Besha

  5. Suna Besha

  6. Pralambasura Badha Besha

  7. Nagarjuna Besha

  8. Gajananna Besha

  9. Naba Jaubana Besha

  10. Banabhoji Besha

  11. Banka Chuda Besha

  12. Ghodalagi Besha

  13. Padma Besha

  14. Gaja Uddharana Besha

  15. Raghunath Besha

  16. Tahiyalaggi Besha

  17. Nabank Besha

  18. Pusya Abhisekh Besha

  19. Sennapatta Lagi Besha

  20. Sakala Dhupa Besha

  21. Makara Chourasi Besha

  22. Jhulana Sandhya Besha

  23. Giri Gobardhana Besha

All these beshas make an integral part of the customs which related with the great Lord Jagannath.