Wife Tortured by Husband as she Refused to Surrender to Sarathi Baba


An FIR was filed on at Kendrapara on Tuesday by a young newly married woman, who alleged that her husband has been torturing her for not surrendering to the fraud Sarathi Baba in his Barimula Ashram. Actually, the woman had refused to go alone inside Baba’s room to seek his blessings, as directed by her husband. The woman, who was married in January this year, was taken to the ashram four days after her marriage and her husband and in laws asked her to visit the chamber of Sarathi Baba alone, she said in her report lodged at Nikirai police station in district Kendrapara.

She stated further that she was given a saree and bangles by Baba when her husband took her to the Ashram, after which he left her alone in the room and instructed her to stay there for some time. She was told by an associate of Sarathi Baba to go inside his chamber, which made her feel a bit uncomfortable. She called up her husband and asked him to come there and also refused when he also insisted that she should go into Baba’s chamber.

After the incident, she was allegedly tortured both, physically and mentally by her husband and in laws. She informed that she was married on 18th January and went to the police station to lodge an FIR on August 12, but they refused to note her complaint. Now, her report has been lodged under section 164 of Cr PC and she was also taken to the Judicial Magistrate in the Kendrapara district court.